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Rebecca Hall dons a bikini and soaks up the sun in Italy

06.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Here's a hottie that you don't get to see in swimwear on the norm. Rebecca Hall was snapped in Taormina, a beach area in Italy, doing her best to balance on the rocks and take a dip in the water while she was on vacation. It's a good thing that Rebecca is getting her rest in now, what with her latest movie, THE BFG getting a splashy July 4th weekend release soon. Hall has also recently finished up work on THE DINNER, a adaptation of the novel of the same name which pairs her with Laura Linney, Chloe Sevigny, Richard Gere and Steve Coogan, and will detail the story of high profile parents trying to cover up the violent illegal acts of their teenage sons. In lighter fare, Hall is also finished up with PERMISSION, a romantic comedy co-starring Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens and Gina Gershon. Somehow I don't know if covering up white privilege crime or tired long-term relationship rom-com junk is worse.
Source: Daily Mail


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