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Treat your eyes to Joanna Krupa's amazing bikini body

10.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

Place a photo of Joanna Krupa from 10 years ago next to a present day Joanna Krupa pic and try to find any noticeable changes resulting from aging; it's damn near impossible. The heavenly Polish model must be mainlining a highly concentrated mixture of pickle juice and formaldehyde. That may sound ridiculous – but how else can her perfect state of preservation be explained? Every time she hits the beaches of Miami in a two piece it's a sexy free-for-all, with each one of her amazing physical attributes competing for your attention. It'd be interesting to put her in front Donald Trump and Bill Clinton wearing that bikini to see who can avoid groping her the longest, and if either one of them could even catch her before she makes it to the police station. I'm still trying to explain the absence of spectators sitting on beach blankets and in foldout chairs, enjoying the awesome show Ms. Krupa is putting on – something like a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral, only it's Joanna Krupa who's igniting your boosters.

Source: NS4W


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