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Reality Hits Hurley

07.29.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Say it isn't so. Please tell me that not all women who hit their 40's find that the best way to resolve a career slump is with a "reality" television show. JLo's got on, Pam Anderson just started one up with E! and now a woman who, even though her career started as nothing more than being the model whom Hugh Grant decided to cheat on by getting a blow job by some dime store crack head, managed to gain my respect by really working at being a dedicated actress (hey, I don't care if I'm the only person who liked BEDAZZLED).

The funniest thing is that Hurley is trying for some kind of British twist on the "Simple Life" style of reality shows. She recently spent 3.3 million pounds to buy a 400-acre ranch simply for the purpose of shooting the show there, allowing people to see her flinging about in the mud. The very fact that she spent so much money for such a considerable sized estate is laughable after hearing how she's planning on marketing herself as a farm hand.

"I know that people always imagine me with perfect hair and stuck in high heels since I was a child, but that is not who I am, at least not all the time," the actress said. "Even my husband got a surprise the first time that he saw me in the country. He found me in some Wellingtons covered in mud, with holes in my jersey, and he thought that I was playing a joke on him. But we English are not as elegant as we seem." Yeah, Lizzy? I refuse to believe that.

Source: Celebrity Mania


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