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Rashida Jones is beautiful inside and out at the Inside Out premiere

06.09.2015by: Droz

It's an exciting time when a new Pixar movie is coming out. This new one, INSIDE OUT, is an especially ambitious endeavor by the legendary animation studio. So far it seems to be a gamble that's paid off, if the positive reviews can be believed. It would be nice to see them get back on track after a few somewhat middling efforts over the last few years. Putting Rashida Jones in this was a good step toward those ends. I always get warm feelings from Rashida and her seemingly ageless beauty. She comes across like a sweetheart of a person without a mean bone in her body. That makes it rather strange to see her so poorly utilized in entertainment circles. You'd think everyone would want a cutie pie like Rashida in their production. Perhaps she doesn't feel the need to hustle for those big roles. After all, she is poised to inherent the rights to one of the more impressive musical bodies of work in modern history. So maybe she's content to kick back and take the occasional role that looks interesting to her. Sounds like the life.

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