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Rachel Weisz takes the H-train to the hot town

12.04.2015by: Droz

I hope someone told Rachel Weisz that dressing up like this for a subway themed photoshoot is fine. However, it's generally not advisable to get on any major metropolitan subway line in the US looking like this. Not unless she's prepared to become the masturbatory fodder from some boozed up homeless person a few seats down. Rarely am I prepared to reverse myself in any Face Off. Believe it or not, I do put some thought into who I vote for in those and I'm fairly confident of my choosing by the time it goes online. However, looking over these pics, I think I must concede that Rachel is the better pick compared to her competition this week. These pics prove that well enough. It's amazing how great she looks after all these years. Going over some pics of hers from way back in the day tells quite a different story. She must have been going through some kind of awkwardness phase in her early 20s, because she just didn't look right. She was okay, but not screen legend hot. Move forward two decades and everything is different. Things are supposed to happen the other way around with that, but once again a big league hottie defies time's arrow. I love that about them.

Source: Violet Files


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