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Rachel Weisz looked pretty excited to be back at TIFF

09.16.2015by: Droz

There's a name we don't hear hardly enough of anymore. I'm not sure what happened to make Rachel Weisz kind of drop out of the scene for a bit, but she's back with a new film that's showing at TIFF. Called THE LOBSTER, her movie tells the decidedly unique story of people living in a dystopian future who must meet a partner and fall in love within a given time frame or else be turned into animals and released into the wilderness. Yeah, not the usual crumbling cities or oppressive regime government approach to dystopian future movies. Rachel seems fairly proud of her new movie. She's also quite obviously excited about the new bonus in the chest area she's rocking in these pics. Interesting, I don't recall Rachel being so stacked before. Perhaps some sort of push-up magic happening? Whatever it is, I approve. I'll take more of Rachel in any sense.

Source: NSFW


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