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Rachel Weisz is far more than Mrs. Daniel Craig

10.13.2015by: Droz

I could have told Harper's Bazaar that Rachel Weisz is way more than Daniel Craig's wife. Despite the little breather she's been taking from her celebrity life the last few years, I still think of Daniel as Rachel's husband. I like Daniel and I enjoy him as Bond, but Rachel is the clear draw in that relationship. That was the case even before they were an item, but it's even more so now, when I've become rather annoyed with Daniel and his complaining about the role that will immortalize him. It's not like he owes anything to Bond, right? Nevermind the fact that if he were still a mid-level actor doing supporting roles, he never would have met or fallen in love with Rachel in the first place. I'd say he owes a thing or two to Mr. Bond and the boost he's given not only Daniel's career, but his life in general.

Maybe Daniel was just grumpy because his extended filming and promotional duties for SPECTRE keep him away from his beautiful bride here. I can understand that frustration. I couldn't stand being away from Rachel for very long either. If there was ever a woman who could put a man in an instant good mood, it's this one. What a sweetheart she is.

Source: Harper's Bazaar


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