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Rachel Weisz gets back to her natural hotness

08.25.2016by: Droz

Rachel Weisz has a new spread in The Edit magazine, wherein she discusses her relationship with (former?) James Bond as well as the struggles she has as an actress at 46, which is just nutty. For one thing, she doesn't look her age. If it came out she was tacking on a decade to her age, I'd believe it completely. I'm also amazed she has any trouble as an actress. There's no issue with her being sexy enough to the powers that be who seem to think sex needs to be injected into practically ever female role. As you can see in this spread, Rachel sill has it there. She's also still got the chops as an actress. I saw her recently in two rather bizarre movies, THE LOBSTER and YOUTH, and she was easily my favorite part of both those movies.

We've got a lot of history with Rachel. Years of endearment between herself and audiences makes her a no-brainer for those looking to make their movie more interesting to audiences. Rachel should be one of those actresses who is always in everything. She would so well to get in touch with Jessica Chastain's people. They know a thing or two about putting her in everything.

Source: The Edit


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