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Rachel Vallori is our latest nearly nude model crush

10.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Randall Slavin is definitely one of those photographers that you need to follow, if you don't already. Unlike the creep factor that you get from combing through Terry Richardson shoots, this Slavin guy tries to make his photographs a little more sensual (he IS, after all, the guy who got Emmanuelle Chriqui topless as well as some other hotties). This is no different with the semi-nude, nearly-nude, covered-nude whatever you want to call it with Cuban born model, Rachel Vallori. As I was searching out information on Rachel, I learned that she's got a super sexy & popular Instagram that caught GQ's notice. I also stumbled across a bizarre YouTube video in which she's the model on hand for a guy who gets paid to dru hump women. Yes, apparently that really is a job and if you're a semi-decent looking guy who's taken a trip to an Asian country, you can charge a fee for your company. I'm sure he gets absolutely nothing out of it, too.

Source: Kitty Kats


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