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Rachel Platten shows off legs worth fighting for at Billboard Hot 100 show

08.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If case you're not familiar with the name Rachel Platten, might I ask... do you watch TV? Chances are, you've heard her warbling over some advertisement recently, considering that "Fight Song" is one of the top used tunes for commercials these days. No, it's not Taylor Swift belting out that girl power song, it's this leggy blonde. Rachel looks like the love child of Hilary Duff and Katie Cassidy to me, which is all sorts of right on all sorts of levels. And while I might have gotten sick of hearing that chorus snippet seemingly playing on repeat, Platten has a darling voice that carries well and unlike Swift, there's not a great deal of pretension to her. I get the impression that what you see (that big smile, that wide embrace of the crowd, the twinkle in her eye that shows she's appreciative to have fans) is what you get with Rachel. And I like what I see.

Source: CelebMafia


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