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Rachel McCord makes surfing sexier in a tiny white bikini

08.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not exactly sure what AnnaLynne McCord's sister Rachel McCord is up to with all of these recent "candid" bikini moments but I'm sure as hell not going to complain about it. While definitely not as naturally or traditionally beautiful as her older sister, Rachel has an infectious personality full of pep as she prances about in the Malibu waves, taking time to pose with her surfboard and get wet enough to create a camel toe effect that you could spot from the surface of the moon. Rachel has a history of acting, although nothing quite as prestigious as TRASH FIRE, the low budget horror flick sister AnnaLynne was in with ENTOURAGE bro, Adrian Grenier. But hanging out where the bigwigs can see all of the opportunities they have to exploit you might just be the ticket into some huge YouTube movie, or whatever the hell it is that fringe stars do these days.
Source: Zimbio


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