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Rachel McCord is back for more of the sexy water wench pics

03.17.2017by: Droz

I can't blame either 138 Water or Rachel McCord herself for being addicted to the idea of getting her fine ass in bikinis by the ocean. It's an enviable situation to be in, particularly where these guys who hit the lottery and get paid to tell models how to stick their T&A out in sexy beachwear are concerned. Nowhere else in life does a guy have the kind of influence over women these guys do. You can't just walk into the grocery store and suggest the hot checkout girl undo a few buttons on her uniform and stick her ass out more. You can't even do that shit with your own SO. I'd become an instant persona non grata in my house if I ever said shit like that to my girlfriend. These guys though, they can adjust, shift around, and outright fondle hotties like Rachel at will and it's just part of the job. I knew I should have taken more photography courses in school. Stupid me.

Source: 138 Water


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