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Rachel McAdams threw in some booty with her beauty at the awards shows this weekend

02.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It's always a treat to see Rachel McAdams make any kind of appearance but these red carpet ones are definitely the icing on her already tasty cake. First stop over the weekend was the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where McAdams stopped to talk about her movie SPOTLIGHT with co-star Michael Keaton. We've all gotten a chance to fully admire Rachel's booty in MORNING GLORY but when she chooses dresses like that skin tight white one, showing off what she tends to cover up on her off days, it's all that much more hypnotizing.

Topping off the rest of the weekend, Rachel took to the red carpet at the Director's Guild Awards in a sparkling black dress. I am constantly amazed at how you can take a simply cut gown like that one, put it on a person who is beautiful inside and out and you have a look that few can top no matter how much skin they show. I feel comfortable pledging lifetime fangirl allegiance to McAdams for making her gorgeousness look so damn easy. Even when I should hate (or perhaps just envy) her for it, I just can't bring myself to. I just want to hug her and hang out with her, hoping it'll rub off.

Source: Pop Sugar


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