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Rachel McAdams is superheroically hot in a sheer dress for Doctor Strange

10.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If wearing pink on Wednesdays is her former thing, this going sheer for movie premieres thing is a far superior trend I'd like to see Rachel McAdams inspire. For a special screening of DOCTOR STRANGE in London, Rachel turned all kinds of head when people began to understand that the fancy dress she was wearing wasn't just covered with bird in flight but gave a insider's view of her amazingly underrated ass and equally awe-inducing legs. The top half had me peering into the high quality images, hoping for even a smidge of areola, but alas, it appears that Rachel was only keen on sharing her gams and caboose. As for her movie, I'm not entirely sure if this Marvel flick is going to be as successful as its family of related films, but I was wrong when I assumed that ANT-MAN would fall flat and I'm going to wager that there is a league of unspoken Cumberbitches out there waiting to give their money, if not vocalize their deep love of the human Mustelidae.
Source: Daily Mail


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