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Rachel McAdams is our Hottie of the Month for November 2016 (video)

11.17.2016by: Salacious Crumb

The air has been thick with tension this week now that Dwayne Johnson has been declared the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine. But instead of dwelling, we figured we'd bring up the mood by knighting the one-and-only, freakin' gorgeous Rachel McAdams as our Hottie of the Month for November 2016! While we're happy she's finally joined the Marvel elite with her compact role in DOCTOR STRANGE, there are some characters she's truly made her own. SHERLOCK HOLMES's Irene Alder is a personal favorite, and of course, the brilliantly terrible Regina George from MEAN GIRLS has become somewhat of a icon. Toaster Strudel inheritance or not, Rachel was bound to rise to success. It also just so happens to be her birthday today, which gives us all the more reason to celebrate! So without further adieu, enjoy our exlcusive tribute this month's head hottie honcho, in video form!

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