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Rachel McAdams enjoyed a leggy lunch with Oscar

02.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor

While I am still way too far behind on my awards season movie watching (mainly because the majority of what gets nominated doesn't appeal to me in the first place), I'm happy to see that Rachel McAdams' Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for SPOTLIGHT means that we get the opportunity to see lots of her. This past week has been awesome, with Rachel showing off her fit figure (especially that booty!) and the Academy Awards luncheon was no exception. The plastic orange dress should have been a disaster, the fact that Rachel makes it look so good is testament to her beauty.

While we're busy enjoying McAdams' gorgeous self, the actress admits that awards season isn't the easiest part of her job as an entertainer. "It's always really not glamorous when you go home at the end of the night," she told Fox News in an interview. "It’s so sad. You just like, fall on the floor in a puddle. It's so fun, but you really do feel like you turn into a pumpkin, in the best way."

Source: Daily Mail


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