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Rachel & Hayden Split

06.18.2010by: Cherry Liquor

OK, it appears that today is all about reporting on marriages, engagements and the calling off of engagements. Not that I care about this vanilla couple, as I was rather unimpressed when I first found out that they wanted to bind their no-no parts together.

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen first announced that they were engaged in late 2008, but Bilson arrived at an event in L.A. on Wednesday night and flashed a ringless finger when asked about her wedding details. "No plans," said the actress, adding with a wave of her unadorned hand, "No nothing."

The two actors' camps are reporting that they're "taking a break," code for "we're really broken up but we don't want to talk about it in case we get back together and then everyone we know will make us feel stupid for breaking up in the first place or for getting back together and..." Yeah, I stopped paying attention far too long ago to care, kiddos.

Extra Tidbit: I remember both of them being a helluva lot cuter when they weren't together.
Source: Popeater


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