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Rachel Cook is all that in another hot photoshoot

03.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I have to commend Rachel Cook on sticking with what I assume is her given name. If she had a talent other than just standing in one place and looking pretty, perhaps she would have been concerned about her moniker being too close to actress Rachael Leigh Cook, who does spell her first name differently, but still. When it came to Katy Perry, she didn't want to go by her given last name of Hudson because she figured Katy Hudson would be too close to Kate Hudson and she wanted to be set apart. When you're a model scrambling to book gigs, having a name close to an actress that everyone would kill to see naked certainly helps capture attention in the thread titles, especially when you DO pose naked. The main thing that bugs me about Rachel is that while she has a beautiful face and a lithe body worthy of a drool fest, those weird skinny bolt-on breast implants are awful distracting, in an awful way.
Source: Got Celeb


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