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Quench your thirst with some Adriana Lima in Ocean Drive magazine

03.09.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I hope you're not sick of Adriana Lima yet. The 35-year old divorced mother of two Victoria's Secret model claims that she plans on walking that famous lingerie catwalk until she's at least 40, "Or as long as gravity is on my side," she told Ocean Drive magazine in the accompanying interview to her April 2017 spread. After having popped out a couple of kids, the second of which was born only 2 months before she did one of those very same catwalks, Lima hasn't turned into some frumpy housewife, looking far better than a majority of women who haven't had kids. According to Forbes, Adriana is still Victoria's Secret's "most valuable Angel," which means she's the highest earner but also the most recognizable to the general public. Which is great, since that top & shorts she's wearing in the first couple of pics here cost a collective $1965. Holy shit, it must be nice to be a rich person.


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