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Pushing a car gives Sarah Hyland's tight little but a great workout

01.30.2017by: Droz

I'm not sure of the circumstances behind Sarah Hyland pushing this Corolla around while on location filming for her show, Modern Family. Normally something like this would be done by a crewman, so I have to assume this is part of the story for some as yet uncompleted episode. More important than why Sara was pushing this car, is how she pushed it. I don't think you could find a more appropriate pair of jeans for a hottie employed to undertake such a task. Having pushed a few dead cars in my time, I know well how this situation forces one to stick dat ass straight out as you put your back into shoving your POS car forward. Unfortunately, you never see this sort of thing happen. Most women in a broken down car situation nowadays will busy themselves with getting someone else to come move their car for them. Too bad, because if you ever want to get yourself a good workout, try pushing a few tons of steel and plastic down the road a few miles. That's like a month's worth of yoga.

Source: Superior Pics


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