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PromoPics: Sarah Michelle Gellar

11.23.2007by: Seth Gecko

It's seems as though her career might be coming to an end unless she makes a dramatic turn but no matter what happens, Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be Buffy and she'll always be one hell of a sex symbol in Hollywood. She has made her mark on the entertainment industry and I am sad to see that she's been falling off the fence lately with some really shitty projects. However, Sarah's fame will always live on because of many popular characters she has portrayed over the years. Whether it be a vampire slayer, coke-snorting manipulator or a girl just trying to find a nice guy, Sarah pulled it off every time.

My favourite role that she portrayed and one that I believe to be one of the sexiest characters ever brought to life on the big-screen was when she played the rich little bitch we all remember as Kathryn Merteuil in the 1999 drama, "Cruel Intentions". Sarah was so seductive in that film that it was hard to sit still at times. Her sensual voice, fantastic figure and the will to destroy other people's lives were the main ingredients that led to how popular her characters became. Did I mention that I also love her because she makes out in the movie with Selma Blair who is also a gorgeous babe?

Therefore, we dedicate this edition of our "Hottie Promos" to Sarah and the role that we all worship her for. We've combined a large number of extremely high-resolution promotional photos that you can see below and they're very rare. So enjoy these terrific promos and keep your eyes out for Sarah because we're hoping she makes a comeback very soon. Sarah....we salute you!

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "CRUEL INTENTIONS"(UHQ)



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