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PromoPics: Kate Beckinsale

03.30.2007by: Seth Gecko
It looks like Kate Beckinsale will be taking off the sexy, super-tight PVC suit and laying down her guns for her latest role in the thriller, "Vacancy" with that dork named Luke Wilson. I can't for the life of me understand how Luke got this role but I guess it's just one of those huge mysteries that will never be solved. Either way, Kate will be playing the frantic and screaming wife but just maybe, she'll switch into ass-kicking mode halfway through the movie which would be sweet. We have received brand-new promotional stills for "Vacancy" which feature Kate in all her upset and concerned moods but they're still very sexy for sure. So have a look a peek at them below and enjoy! "Vacancy" hits theatres everywhere on April 20th, 2007.
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vacancykb.jpg vacancykb (1).jpg
vacancykb (2).jpg vacancykb (3).jpg


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