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PromoPics: Jessica Biel

04.18.2007by: Seth Gecko
Jessical Biel will once again be dazzling all of us with her perfect looks in the upcoming sci-fi/action thriller, "Next" alongside Nicolas Cage. Jessica will play the love interest of Nic's character who is able to see into his own future and predict the outcome of every action he takes. Of course, a government task force wants his special abilities (headed by the gorgeous Julianne Moore) to avert a possible catastrophe. However, our main focus is on Jessica and the very sexy promotional photos that we've been set of her in the film. So check them all out below!. "Next" hits theatres everywhere on April 27th, 2007.
Update: We now have even more exclusive photos from "Next" so check them out below and enjoy!
Click on each photo to enlarge!
051-NXT_02695.jpg.htm 050-NXT_05673.jpg.htm
002-NXT_05609.jpg.htm 060-NXT_03331.jpg.htm
054-NXT_06057.jpg.htm 052-NXT_10007.jpg.htm 055-NXT_03509.jpg.htm


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