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Priyanka, Upton, Dobrev, and EmRat brought the Oscar after party hotness

02.27.2017by: Droz

So how about those Oscars, huh? Hey, at least it was interesting. I feel asleep halfway through last year's show, so at the very least their royal f*ck up managed to hold my attention and probably yours too. Though I have always found the red carpet and subsequent after parties are the place to be when you want eye-catching goodness. No, I'm not talking about who designed what or whatever. I'm talking about famous hotties showing off their goods. The funny thing about this year was how reserved they seemed to be. You can probably recall previous Oscars where insane cleavage on the red carpet and at the presentation stage was the norm. Not so much this year, although things did get a little better there at the after parties, when Priyanka Chopra, Kate Upton, Nina Dobrev, and Emily Ratajkowski showed up for Vanity Fair's Oscar shindig. Not being at the big event, I guess they didn't get the "keep it covered" memo.

Neither did Ryan Gosling's date for the evening's insanity, his sister Mandi Gosling. If you were looking for big titty goodness last night, you couldn't wait for the camera to pan back to Ryan and his big sis. And by big, I do mean big. Suddenly I like this family a whole lot more than I did 24 hours ago.

Mandi Gosling Oscar Cleavage

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