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Priyanka Chopra slips into a bikini during her Baywatch downtime

05.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
You would think that if you're going to have to spend the next few weeks promoting a movie about babes in bikinis, you'd choose to cover up during the few spare moments you have off camera. Not Priyanka Chopra. The gorgeous Indian actress was seen in between events in Miami for the upcoming release of her movie BAYWATCH taking a dip in her hotel's pool, laughing it up with friends and family. I would guess that either she is fully aware that the paparazzi are stalking her from the bushes and is whooping it up for their lenses or that she's actually a free-spirited happy person who enjoys being around her inner circle. (I'm leaning 60/40 toward the former.) We have yet to find out if her maneater tough chick villainess character from the movie gets into a two-piece but I'll wager that it's probably a nope, so this appearance is all the much more sweet in getting a chance to check out.
Source: Saw First


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