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Priyanka Chopra finds a couple great methods for promoting her show

01.24.2017by: Droz

I've always had a fondness for the ladies who come out of the Bollywood ranks. They have a knack over there for plucking out of their substantial ranks some of the most stunning women you'll ever see. Well positioned in that lot is Priyanka Chopra who's spent years making herself into a phenomenon back home in India and now seems determined to do the same in the West. She's off to a good start. I don't watch her show Quantico, but my mom does. So do a lot of people's moms. Aged parents are the key demographic for shows like that. And like me, they seem to be diggin' on some Priyanka. I'm not so much interested in her cop show skills, as I am her "look at my tits" skills. You don't often see the ladies from India being so forthcoming with the T&A. They seem to be a little more reserved when it comes to that sort of thing. Not so with Priyanka. She let's the skin show all the time. What beautiful skin it is.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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