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Pretty Please, Blake?!?!

02.18.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Alright, so here's the rumour that I am crossing every appendage about, hoping and getting down on my knees and finding jesus for because aside from my Brittany Snow, Blake Lively is the highest blonde on my hottie ranking. While the source is the sometimes reliable, sometimes just plain f*cking mean because they get things so wrong National Enquirer, I have to take pause and get out my anal beads to substitute as my rosary for this one, but...

They are reporting that Blake Lively, star of TV's "Gossip Girl" and movies like NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU and THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE has been offered a spread in Playboy magazine and is only asking a very minimal $2.5 million to bare it ALL. No lame Heidi Montag spread, but total nudity. She claims that since she had the nude scene with Alan Arkin in TPLOPL, she's been approached several times by the magazine.

PAY HER THE MONEY, HEF! I haven't bought a single issue of your magazine since the one with Shannen Doherty on the cover with the tasty black and white shots of her gorgeous milky white skin and perfect breasts. I want to ask the clerk to hand over my copy from behind the counter. I want my nude Blake!



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