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Pretty bird Bella Hadid hangs out with actual pretty birds

05.20.2016by: Droz

I'm not sure what all the hilarity was about with Bella Hadid the other day. There she was, doing her stone face and modelling for someone at Cannes. Then all of the sudden everyone just loses their shit when a hawk lands nearby. Is this really what everyone was losing it over? I get that these people probably leave relatively sheltered lives, but I'm not sure a bird of prey deserves this much excitement. The more amusing side of these pics is her aloof bodyguard standing statue-like over the proceedings, silently considering whether or not to blow the intruding avian interloper away. Or maybe he was just doing his very best not to look at Bella's protruding cleavage as she admired her new feathered friend. That's a damn difficult job he's got there.

Source: NSFW


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