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Premiere Pics: Ghost Rider

02.16.2007by: Seth Gecko
moviepremieres.jpgI have to honestly admit that I do want to see "Ghost Rider" despite the fact that it wasn't previewed in front of critics but that's fine by me. It's already been made clear that the movie looks fun but the one element that makes this movie look better is Eva Mendes. She and the latina hottie tri which consists of Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes & Eva Longoria are some of the finest women on the face of this Earth and they can turn the shittiest films into monumental masterpieces with a quick glimpse of their gorgeous rumps. With that known, the premiere of "Ghost Rider" was held earlier this week and some incredible hotties were in attendance. Not as many as usual but enough to get your heart racing and your tackle raising. So check out the photos below and enjoy! Keep reading to see the rest of the photos.
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superiorpics_eva_mendes_Ghost_Rider_NY_Feb15th_2007_9.jpg superiorpics_eva_mendes_Ghost_Rider_NY_Feb15th_2007_23.jpg superiorpics_eva_mendes_Ghost_Rider_NY_Feb15th_2007_18.jpg superiorpics_eva_mendes_Ghost_Rider_NY_Feb15th_2007_1.jpg


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