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Possibly the hottest bikini model ever?

10.13.2011by: Seth Gecko

Did you ever think you'd hear from me that there's possibly a hotter bikini model out there in the world than say Kelly Brook or Kate Upton? Well I think I'm just gonna go ahead and make that statement and you might think I'm posting this cause it's a slow news day but trust me, this is worth every bit of your time. It has just come to our attention in the last hour that the YouTube video link below is probably the sexiest amateur bikini modeling video you'll ever see in your life. It was taken recently in Long Beach, California and as you can see from the view count has been soaring across the net.

The model herself has been identified as Brazilian born Annie Wilkes and I guarantee you'll be seeing more of this chick much sooner than later. I tried embedding the video in this article but unfortunately it was disabled on YouTube's end as it has been deemed inappropriate (aka VERY SEXY!). So be sure to click the photo link below and enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: What are your thoughts on Annie?


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