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Posey's "In Bruges"

12.10.2007by: Seth Gecko

When I first saw the R-rated trailer for the hilarious looking new comedy called "In Bruges", there's a girl in it that is only shown for a few seconds total and I kept thinking to myself that the girl looks so familiar but I can't quite remember what she was from. So I did some quick research and realized that she was the super-hot French girl who participated in the Tri-Wizard tournament in "Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire". I remember seeing her for the first time in that movie and she is so so sexy in it. Some of you may think I'm a perv cause she looks young but she is in fact 23 years old (3 years older than man).

Anyway, her real name is Clemence Posey and it looks like she's come a long way as she'll be playing the love interest of Colin Farrell in the film. Along with true identity, we've received a couple great promotional stills of her and she looks gorgeous. Enjoy!


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