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Pop singer Ella Eyre's pointed appearance at a Maybelline event

03.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

Ella Eyre (A British pop singer – in case you didn't know) is the creator of such provocatively titled songs such as 'Deeper' and 'We Don't Have To Take Her Clothes off.' Why lead with the name of two obscure musical compositions? Because you can quickly learn a lot about a hottie from the content of her music or the movies she appears in. For instance, we know Ms. Eyre doesn't consider using sexual innuendos beneath her, she likes to get a rise out of people and, based on her attendance to some Maybelline-sponsored event, has no problem sharing her nipples with the public. Add all of that shit up and we have a rapidly evolving – she's only 22 years old – exhibitionist on our hands. Or, it could be she's just a practical young lady; one smart enough to know about the debilitating effects prolonged use of a bra can cause and decided against the unneeded support from an antiquated symbol of female oppression. Yeah, that's a stretch. Truth be told, she probably just enjoys showing her tits off. We're all extremely grateful for that.

Source: The Nip Slip


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