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Pledge Paris Sued!

08.13.2008by: Cherry Liquor

OK, if the guys behind this lawsuit win, I'm totally taking Dane Cook to court to sue him for that free movie pass I used to watch the abominable GOOD LUCK CHUCK. Yeah, I know it didn't cost me anything, but I want admission to another movie at his expense, dammit!

And if only we could all sue Paris Hilton for not fulfilling our needs and desires. The production company behind Paris' 2006 direct-to-DVD film NATIONAL LAMPOON'S PLEDGE THIS! are suing the "actress" for $75,000. The dumbasses first cast her in 2004, agreed to pay her a million dollars to be in their movie and then are now crying foul because she didn't help to "promote" the movie as she had promised. As if that would have helped the movie make more sales.

What's funny is that back when the movie was released, she refused to go to its screening at Cannes (holy f&ck, did it REALLY get screened at Cannes?) and you know that bitch is always down for any party. Her reasoning? She was protesting the film's use of "gratuitous nudity." Huh. The heiress who lives off the fame of her sex tape. Tina Fey was right. Paris is a piece of shit.

Source: MSNBC


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