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Playmate Daisy Lea uses naked tactics to sell 138 Water

12.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

Back in the 90s, Playboy playmates had but a few career paths to take once their time in the sexy spotlight was up. The really hot ones could make a good living off of reoccurring nude spreads, and the really, really hot ones could possibly land a role on Baywatch – that's it. Nowadays, they can either up their social media standing to generate a steady revenue stream – Sara Jean Underwood being the best example of a business savvy bunny – or sell bottled water or both. Playboy retiree Daisy Lea focuses on touting 138 Water, whipping those tits out for shoot after shoot of explicit frolicking, now, one of the water company's favorite go to girls. Here she is, once again, on the beaches of Malibu wetting down a white T-shirt, sticking her ass up in the air (i.e. giving the people what they want) and looking pretty damn good while doing it. See for yourself.

Source: The Superficial


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