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Playboy model Brittny Ward barely kept contained in her top

06.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

You would think it to be pointless, getting all excited over a Playboy Playmate like Brittny Ward nearly spilling out of her top. But not all former Playmates look as naturally fine as Brittny when seen off the page and in the three-dimensional context of real-life. Take away the airbrushing, the hairstylist, the lighting and the extensive post-processing, and more often than not, what you're left with is the photographic equivalent of beer goggles. That's not the case with a true babe like Ms. Ward here. Even captured in a candid moment she's a pleasing site to behold; one that will have you searching the Internet for past Playboy pictorials – of that I'm certain. It shan't be long before 138 Water recruits her for their latest marketing campaign; I find it odd they've yet to do so. Maybe she sees herself as a hottie destined to be posted on more prestigious pages than that of an overpriced water company's home page. And she'd be right.

Source: hawtcelebs


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