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Pixie Lott in leather is better than any picture in the National Portrait Gallery

07.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I honestly still know so little about Pixie Lott that it's gotten ridiculous. I've been posting pics of the beautiful blonde Brit for a couple of years now, reveling in how she looks like a more adorable version of Gwen Stefani, if that's even possible. Yet, aside from understanding that she's a popular singer on the other side of the pond, I find her name cropping up, um, never, in the stateside gossip mills. Perhaps it's because she's a lady who keeps her dirty business to herself, a habit that no one in the US can manage to cultivate, where we reward people with money and infamy the worse they act. What I do know about Lott is that she's always put together and looking fab, no matter which red carpet or other event she finds herself being photographed at, this time in London at the National Portrait Gallery. The woman is a vision, especially in that figure hugging black leather dress. Oh, and I figured out what else is awesome about her overall hotness - none of those silly doodle drawing tattoos riddled in random spots up and down her arms, legs, neck, hands or other body parts. I'm all for a good, colorful tattoo with some artistic value but someone needs to tell some of the American chicks to start putting their quote of the day on their Twitter feed and not their bodies. 
Source: Just Jared Jr


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