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Pissed Pocahontas

06.03.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Q'orianka Kilcher isn't a name that you were going to have to memorize any time soon, and considering that she hasn't really done much other than her opening role as Pocahontas in the 2005 Colin Farrell movie (hey! He must be happy that it's his day!) THE NEW WORLD, you probably aren't up to date with her activist shenanigans.

Turns out Kilcher and her mother were arrested at the White House yesterday for protesting a visit from Alan Garcia, the president of Peru. The actress tied herself to a fence and her mother poured a sticky, black substance on her to express their concern over the, um... well, she has a thing for supporting indigenous tribes by acting a fool at the White House, apparently.

But hey, at least she's 20 now, completely legal and if you're into preventing climate change or keeping Peruvian Indians safe, she might just be available.

Source: Popeater


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