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Pierced for Cancer!

08.13.2008by: Cherry Liquor

R&B singer Cassie has the classic, "stupid things that 22 year olds who have too much attention and money thrown at them say," quote of the day, explaining how she got her nipples pierced in her stand against breast cancer.

ďI got my piercings before I got my results, like positive energyÖ I think itís sexy. Iím proud of them.Ē Cassie adds, ďIím sitting there with my parents, my momís sobbing after she finds out that I donít have the gene, and Iím like, `Guess what, mom and dad, I got my nipples pierced.í It was nerve-racking because I was like, `My momís going to kill me if I have this gene and I got these things.íĒ

Here's where that "good thing she's pretty" phrase comes into play.

Source: Bossip


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