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Pia Mia Perez gets pokie in the Aloha State

03.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

Pia Mia Perez is a singer whose songs I've never heard and a model whose body of work I'm hardly familiar with. I just refer to this relatively unknown hottie as "that friend of Sofia Richie." The two of them recently posed together in a photo shoot for Flaunt that will make you question the extent of their friendship – the closeness that comes through implies something more like a romance. If ever Ms. Perez wants to build an identity not based on association, showing up for a solo bikini outing on a Hawaiian getaway is an unquestionably effective way of doing so. I'm sure those more familiar with Pia Mia (cool name, btw) knew what to expect from some candid bikini pics; I, myself, was unprepared for the impact her body had on me. This little cutie is in possession of an impressive figure; the kind of tantalizing form that will have little problem catching the Internet's attention. But what do you think? Is Pia Mia Perez worth keeping an eye out for?

Source: NS4W


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