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Phoebe Tonkin is deadly serious when modeling bikinis for Matteau

06.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

While it's easy for me to understand the alluring appeal of Aussie babe Phoebe Tonkin, it's always been something of a challenge (for me) to try and figure out why there are those swimsuit companies who build their photo shoots around the pretentious notion that somehow bikinis and the women who wear them represent something profound. As if somewhere there's meaning to be mined, and all it takes to imply such a ridiculous notion is photographing Miss Tonkin going through a checklist of contemplative expressions and thousand yard stares. Lighten up; the only thing you should be implying about wearing swimsuits is how much fun in the sun there is to be had. World leaders and intellectuals don't first get into standard issue swimwear before meditating on important existential questions and universal truths. Other than that, she looks pretty f**kin' fine.


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