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Peyton Roi List was all smiles & sparkle for Carolina Herrera event

12.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Suddenly I seem to be seeing Peyton Roi List all over the place these days, as if turning 18 earlier this year was her ticket to developing a fan base that didn't have to tune into the Disney Channel in order to see her was her main objective for 2016. At the special tribute to designer Carolina Herrera in New York, List sparkled in a metallic dress that showed off her petite frame and creamy pale skin. She even managed to give out a few natural smiles as she danced around, twirling her filmy skirt, avoiding that unfortunate smirk that doesn't do her any favors. Some people have better smiles than others and the same can be said of those who try to rely too heavily on the holier-than-thou smirk. As she gets the attention she's craving, I'm hoping that Peyton will relax and be more natural instead of still acting like a Disney prop.
Source: CelebMafia


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