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Peyton Roi List keeps it cute & sweet in Tiger Beat

12.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am so far behind the teen programming times. The last time I think I dialed into the Disney Channel was to watch Kim Possible because redheaded teen asskicker with a sidekick whose sidekick was a naked mole rat (plus the voice actors, including my faves Patton Oswalt & Patrick Warburton, were awesome). I understood that the channel was doing the Hannah Montana thing and had a vague understanding of who was what but I've since fallen out of the loop because frankly, they all look the same and it got real boring, real quick. So I was unaware of just how strong of a following that Peyton Roi List had, with these crazy fan sites dedicated to her smirk. Unlike Natalie Dormer, however, List has the unfortunate appearance of having caught a whiff of dog shit instead of pulling it off in a sexy manner. So I love that this photoshoot she did for Tiger Beat magazine (holy shit, that thing still exists???), where they clearly directed her to be a bit more natural and keep the corners of her mouth lifted in equal time. I can't say I'm ready to join the cult of Peyton, but she's a cute girl for sure.
Source: CelebMafia


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