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01.06.2010by: Seth Gecko

With it now being the beginning of the year, everyone knows that awards season is just starting to gear up and I think we're in for a hell of a run since 2009 was an amazing year for movies. With the "Golden Globes" premiering next Sunday and the "Oscars" in just over a month, we're all excited to see who the big winners will be.

With that said, the first major entertainment awards show is taking place tonight and a TON of huge movie/television/music stars will be attending for the "People's Choice Awards 2010". Tonight starting at 7:30pm EST, we'll be showing you all a live streaming video in this article from the red carpet of the event. Then at 9pm, the awards show will begin and we'll be posting only the best in red carpet photos after the ceremony later on tonight. To check out the full list of nominees tonight, click here.

So stay tuned for the live red carpet coverage at 7:30pm EST and enjoy everybody!


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