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Penelope Cruz is really ridiculously sexy in red leather on Zoolander 2 set

04.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I know it's not all that popular to say so, but I wasn't really feeling most of the comedy going on in the original ZOOLANDER. It took me quite a number of viewings, forced upon me by all of the other people in my life who thought the Ben Stiller as a male model comedy was hysterical, to see the bits and pieces of humour sprinkled inside of the mainly grating film. For instance, I cannot pronounce "eulogy" correctly anymore. And I quote the "really, ridiculously" part with various other adjectives whenever the situation calls for it. I also use the term "Zoolandish" when something has outrageously poor timing, something that the first film coined for me, seeing as how it was released right in the middle of 9/11. With an impending release date of February 2016 for its sequel, we'll have to wait and see if it's equally ill-timed.

What isn't sucky about this sequel (considering that we're going to have to believe that both Stiller and Owen Wilson are plausible models at 50 and 47-years old, respectively) is that Justin Theroux took on screenwriting duties (he wrote TROPIC THUNDER, a far superior comedy) and the cast is going to include Spaniard Penelope Cruz as a sexy cop in a red leather skin-tight bodysuit. Cruz, Stiller and Wilson were on set last Friday shooting some good stuff, although I believe the shots of Cruz getting her ass checked out by a crew member won't show up in the final cut. Luckily the creepy hidden camera guy who got these pics caught it all!

Source: Daily Mail


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