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Penelope Cruz is really, ridiculously good looking for Harper's Bazaar Spain

01.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I have steadily grown to love Penelope Cruz over the years, based less on her looks and more on the way she dives head first into some crazy roles, fully engaging her talent while sounding all sexy with that Spanish accent of hers. Whether or not she's going to successfully integrate with Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson, the goofball models Derek & Hansel in ZOOLANDER 2 will be interesting to watch (although I'm honestly going to drop money just to watch Benedict Cumberbatch and his lack of eyebrows). Penelope is doing promotional duties for the film by posing in various magazines; She was on the cover of Vogue with Ben Stiller and looks pretty fit in these pics from Harper's Bazaar Spain. We've seen less skin from Cruz in recent years, perhaps due to her having popped out a couple of Javier Bardem's (I can only imagine) golden throated children, but nudity is overrated.... That was funnier than most jokes Z2 will likely have.
Source: Got Celeb


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