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Pay your respects to Kate Upton's SI Swimsuit Issue spread

02.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

If ever it felt like the wrong time for words, speechifying or analysis, it would be now. A mega-spread of high quality, tit-filled Kate Upton imagery hardly needs words, nor brash hyperbole, to convey how effectively the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition – with Kate Upton taking the coveted cover for the third time – will send sharp surges to every nerve ending in your body. I'll let Kate Upton's unbelievable body of work speak to you personally, as it did to me. I will say: Just when SI Swimsuit Edition's relevancy was being called into question – after all, the Internet allows for year-round releases of top model bikini shoots – they step up and remind everyone why their annual dose of high-grade exploitation is needed. Both Kate Upton and Sports Illustrated can chalk this one up to a triumphant return to form; and I do believe they deserve our gratitude for the obvious effort that was made to impress.


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