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Pay tribute to Victoria Justice and her bare belly

01.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

Who doesn't love the sight of a sexy midriff? It's that area of skin any hottie, whether they be prone to fleshy exhibitions or prefer to keep some parts of themselves out of the public eye, have little problem exposing. The proliferation of yoga and other health-conscious activities leads to flatter tummies, leads to celebrity babes eager to show off said tummies, leads to Internet photo-gawkers gathering around the resulting photos. Victoria Justice isn't known to be a gym junkie. There are few photo sets featuring Victoria in sexy spandex and on her way to a good workout; It's also possible she opts for discretion when doing so. Whatever the case, no matter if it's a commitment to physical fitness or a youthful metabolism keeping her belly looking so enticing – an instrument of temptation, if you will – the point is, every time Victoria is kind enough to share it with us, we all take on debit. A debit to be paid by giving that bare midsection it's due attention. I've made my payment in full, now it's your turn.

Source: NS4W


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