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Paulifornia's shoot with Brea Grant will have you craving to pet the kitty

08.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Brea Grant has been making a career out of being a scream queen in lower budget horror movies these days, having passed on taking another stab at being on basic cable TV in shows like "Heroes" (she's super cute on "Eastsiders" though). In between roles in everything from SMOTHERED, BEYOND THE GATES and THE DEVIL'S DOLLS, Grant does these cute-as-a-button photoshoots where she both looks like a traditional movie star as well as a regular girl-next-door, which only amps up her appeal. In this photoshoot for the clothing company, Paulifornia, we get a chance to see Brea in various cute ensembles, as well as a pair of panties with a kitten strategically placed on them. I've seen these panties myself down in the Los Angeles Fashion District (formerly referred to as the "Garment District" if you go looking it up). Cheaper than Victoria's Secret and yet still fashionably awesome. The only other question to ask is if she purrs when you pet her.
Source: Hawt Celebs


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