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Paula Patton tried to promote Warcraft, but the attention was elsewhere

06.10.2016by: Droz

It wasn't fair of Paula Patton to show up at this AOL Speaker event discussing her new movie WARCRAFT with such an obvious set of distractions. How was anyone supposed to keep their focus on what was being said when Paula was simulating an imminent wardrobe malfunction in her orange number? I can't speak for anyone there, but speaking for myself it's a clear impossibility. Anyone coming to me after this for clarification about a point she made or to repeat something she said about some shit would get nothing more than a shrug. Sorry. I was all about Paula's pair glowing like two beautiful jewels. Not that I nor most of Americans are all that interested in her movie anyway. Maybe the Chinese could keep up better with the conversation, what with their WARCRAFT movie fever. I doubt it though. I'm sure they love beautiful tits just as much as we do here in the States. Paula certainly has those.

Source: NSFW


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