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Paris Jackson doesn't need a bra to fill a gas tank

02.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

Sure, Paris Jackson embodies everything a modern, liberated yougin' is nowadays. She doesn't need a bra, she isn't afraid to share the outline of her nipple rings with the outside world, has yet to really play the "daughter of Michael Jackson card" for career advantage and pumps her own gas. But does she have what it takes to amass a broad spectrum of followers? Not because she's the offspring of MJ, but because she has a knack for bringing the sexy. Based on the few times she's been captured in public wearing an outfit that highlights a very nice midriff and perky pair of ta-ta's, yes – I mean, I'm digging what's been put out there thus far. She pulls off the whole rebellious, searching for an identity, youth, thing, better than Bella Thorne. It has its appeal when not taken to the extreme. We'll be keeping an eye out for Paris Jackson to see how she progresses.

Source: NS4W


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